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I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and
I develop websites that bring people closer to their goals.

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About Me

A solution-driven Software Engineer adept at contributing to highly collaborative work environments.
It is my passion to build slick & well optimized websites and web apps.


I've been a part of huge enterprise companies, a few startups where I had to wear many hats, and as a freelancer before.


Studied Computer Science in college where I would learn Java right before getting into the industry in 2008. As a refresher, joined a boot-camp to get up to speed on industry trends and to code alongside other developers of all levels.


I'm well versed in Java and Javascript, although my skills are always evolving as I push myself to learn something new every week.

Solutions that I offer

Here to serve and to offer my services.

Web Apps

Frameworks for fast & secure applications to reach the masses.
Utilize tools to manage your employees and sensitive data.

Digital Marketing

Branding and SEO is a huge part of bringing in traffic to your company or business.
Fortunately enough I've worked with companies in the past on providing this necessity.

Responsive Designs

Responsive web applications connected to any data store. Connect and scale your services, whatever your platform.


Below you can find a selection of personal projects, professional work projects, as well as a few fun projects that I've worked on.
Feel free to check out both the code and a live version of the project.
Filter the projects by clicking on the topic.

Process of Creating

The process is seamless and catered to your specific needs.

Determine your target audience and what you would like to present to the world in order to make it easy for people to find your brand, discover what you do, and answer a bunch of questions about your business.

I make the interface feel seamless and ensure that the user has a great experience. Aesthetics and making sure the website’s interface is attractive, visually-stimulating, and themed appropriately to match the purpose and personality of the brand.

A website is often the first impression of a brand to validate it’s presence to the online world. It helps the brand make it’s services available 24/7 and build trust within consumers. I help you to enlighten a clear image of what type of products or services you offer to your consumers.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

~ Steve Jobs


Feel free to contact me about employment opportunities, project ideas, and/or
web development needs that you would like to get done.
I am here to help!

Am I open for work?

Yes, I am always open for more opportunities, projects, and ideas. Just as long as I have the bandwith for it. Doesn't hurt to ask.